Wednesday 16 October 2013

Our stay home holiday

We have had a lovely school holidays. Like all holidays they're here and now they are over all too soon. These holidays are always our stay at home time. We were very blessed to catch up with plenty of our buddies. Another of Little Miss 4's highlights is having her pet lamb come to stay in town. She has had a pet lamb each year since she was 2 and has become quite the champion 'lamb's mummy'. 

 This year's lamb's name is Bella. She is a little Suffolk cross lamb from the farm. Being a pet means she will live out her life on the farm as a breading ewe - no Christmas roast jokes around here please! LM4 is accumulating quite a flock. Unfortunately Bella has been quite the garden nibbler!

 I tidied up the strawberry patch. They are flowering already so looking forward to a bumper crop.

 Bella's bottle, and the man of the houses nice neat lawn!

We painted our house! It was a bit of a massive effort, but we worked together, slaved away, and now it looks great. LM4 wasn't feeling her usual well self, so we didn't have to contend with too much of her help!

We had our spring garden tidy up. Chased out most of the weeds and planted some flowering annuals and the vege patch.

Little Miss 4's tomato crop: she gets so excited about growing seeds. We have been collecting up take out coffee cups for planting. LM4 wants to give her buddies a tomato plant to grow at their houses.
Hope your holidays all went well. What did you do for your holidays?

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