Saturday 5 October 2013

At the Roller Derby

 Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to watch my little sister play her first game of Roller Derby since she broke her ankle over a year ago. Dunedin Derby came to Christchurch to play against the ladies from Dead End Derby. If you have never been to a Derby game its a great spectator sport: fast and tactical, the points can be quickly scored and fortunes can change in a matter of minutes.
 Dunedin's Gallow Lasses played a tight game until half way through the second half when they opened up an impressive lead and went on take the game.

 Charmaine, aka Little Yellow Jacket, waiting on the start line while the refs confer.

 To the victors the spoils. But Derby was the winner on the day, with two great teams on the track. 

My sister, Fashion Designer, Roller Derby girl, multi-tasker, friend and all round fabulous lady. 

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