Sunday 27 October 2013

Crafty Christmas Market Joy

With lots of super craft markets coming up in the lead up to Christmas, I thought it was time to have a round up of crafty offerings. 
The photos above were taken by Jen of Utterly in Love at the last Encraftment Market.

Coming up soon is the Craft Love Festival. This is being held to celebrate the launch of the first print - as in paper - issue of Hazed Magazine. Hazed is a celebration of all things made by New Zealand independent designers and crafts people. The craft love Festival is being held on Friday the 29th of November from 5pm to 9pm at Mairehau High School. 

Encraftment have a Bambino Market scheduled for Saturday the 7th of December at Rangi Ruru in Merivale lane, and an exciting Christmas Market planned for Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of December in the Cathedral Square. Its going to be a great event - sure to bring craft goodness and community spirit back to the central city.

Anyone who follows my blog will know that I am an enthusiastic advocate for all things crafty and all sorts of craft disciplines. My Nana was the queen of creating things back before a trip to the shops could buy you anything and sweatshop labour hadn't been invented. Natural fibres are my passion and I love making crafty projects accessible for everyone. 

 Here is a new design I am working on developing: cute as a button 100% craft cotton sun hats for babies and children. Little Miss 4 just loved this one. It is fully lined and can be worn on the reverse for a change of pattern and colour - or to hide a stain if required!
Christmas Bunting was a great seller last year. Everyone loved the cotton print, gold thread and super washable quality. 

Bring on the old fashioned toys for Christmas. 100% NZ wool crocheted balls with polyester filling. Super washable and great for little hands.
I just love putting together colour combinations for these cute little clutches and pencil cases.

100% New Zealand wool knitted sprout hats. Always in style and loved by small ears country wide.

Little rat toys: ready to sneak around your house and guaranteed not to nibble the wiring! 100% hand crafted quilting cotton outer with a washable poly fill centre.

Super cute crochet baby blankets in girls and boys colours. These are 100% NZ wool hand crafted future family heirlooms.

Carrying on the blanket theme: hand woven 100% New Zealand wool with cotton boarders.

These knitted tea cosy with the crochet flowers are so cute. Perfect for any tea party. 

More bunting. Unisex colours to compliment any interior.
Come on Christchurch, time to get crafty for Christmas!

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