Sunday, 9 December 2012

Down by the Raspberry Patch

At our house, raspberries are one of the great joys of the season; and they are never more delicious as plucked straight from the bush. With a price tag of $25 plus a kg at this time of year, I am never particularly inclined to buy them from the grower, so last year we planted a patch of our own. They literally grow like weeds, throwing up new growth all over the place, and are best confined to a manageable corner of the garden. Raspberries fruit on last year's canes, so only a small snack was had last year; but the multitude of canes that were produced have given us a wonderful treat this year. We have been training Little Miss 3 to leave the fruit until it's 'ruby red'. This afternoon's bounty was enough for a little girl's snack and raspberries and ice cream for pudding. Not bad for what was originally a couple of spindly canes purchased from Country Gardens last spring.

 Complete with red stained dress, one happy little raspberry girl.

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