Sunday, 23 December 2012

Last Minute Christmas Decorating

I've been doing some last minute Christmas decorating. This amazing stick presented itself to me while I was at camp. My colleagues were very understanding when I squeezed it on the bus home and since then its been patiently residing in our spare room. Then I found some lovely little cones at the farm and an idea was born.
I planted my stick in some loose polished stones in an old pot, then decorated it with the pretty cones and a couple of cute feather birds from Ballantynes.
I decorated the little fur cones by hot glue gunning the felt tops on them and then sewing loops in using embroidery cotton. I crimped the felt top around the stem of the cone like a little pixie hat.

For the little pine cones I folded and glued the ribbon together, then glued it directly onto the cone.
Ready to hang. I thought about stripping and white washing the stick, but it looked so lovely, simple and natural with the bark and lichen attached.
Just like Christmas, sometimes it's simplest things that have the greatest impact. Enjoy your last minute preparations and don't forget to leave some time for relaxing with the family.  

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