Saturday 29 December 2012

Recovering from Christmas Desserts

Oh I do love a good Christmas Dessert selection. Chocolate mousse, meringues, almond and spice meringues, raspberries, the ginger biscuit and cream dessert informally referred to by our family as 'Grog Log', red (and festive Christmas green) velvet cake, chocolate cheesecake and traditional steamed fruit pudding: all at our lovely informal family gathering at the farm. It's no wonder it has taken me until now to blog this photo. The weather was amazingly hot. We all lay around like fat lizards in the afternoon. 
Mum and Dad had a huge and amazing pine Christmas tree searched out by my brother after Mum threatened to bring out the topiary buxus if her didn't get his act together soon and find a tree.  
I trust you have all had a lovely family Christmas and are now enjoying a well deserved post Christmas rest. We've been quietly pottering around the house; having a bit of a tidy up here and there; evicting some weeds from the garden; reading books; catching up with friends and having a generally laid back time recharging the batteries.    


  1. Merry Xmas!! Thanks for the card & letter which arrived on Xmas eve. I also cooked a lot over Xmas - you would have been impressed!!- shortbread, afghans & cupcakes, cranberry glazed gammon & homemade cranberry sauce + lovely mulled wine. I was told they were better than my friend's kiwi grandmothers!! Xxx Kirsten

  2. Good for you!! Sounds lovely. I'm sure all your guests would have been very impressed. Enjoy the holiday season.