Thursday 2 May 2013

Great British Encraftment Market Application

This is a story about a crafty mother and daughter who love to create beautiful things and spread their crafty goodness far and wide.
Craftiness runs in our family: but our crafty partnership started when my mother Vivienne made an apron for my sister, Charmaine Reveley, to wear while she was working in her fashion design workroom. One of Char's customers really loved the apron, and mum started making them to sell. At the same time, I started writing this blog to share craft techniques and recipes with the world and making crafty items to sell with my mother.

I took these pictures of our stand at the Riccarton Rotary Market just prior to Christmas last year. We really enjoyed the market vibe: meeting people and talking about their craft interests. 

 Vivienne makes aprons from lovely 100% cotton fabrics. They are beautiful and practical, and designed to be easily worn and washed. The patterns and  fabrics used change all the time as new and interesting ones come along. 

 Prudence makes 100% NZ wool crocheted blankets, homespun and dyed wool, NZ wool knitted hats, 100% cotton floral rats, bunting, assorted 100% cotton cushions, crocheted balls and cute little floral and ribbon clutch bags, pencil and knitting bags.
Crafty Little Rats

Crochet Balls

We are passionate about using natural fibres and New Zealand wool. The resurgence in craft related pursuits is wonderful and reflects a cultural shift towards choosing handmade over mass produced.  

 Here are our British inspired craft items: we have really enjoyed designing and creating them, and we hope you love them as much as we do!
 This is a crafty Fox cushion. Its made of 100% wool fabric, felt and 100% cotton fabric around the outside.

 This is a 100% New Zealand wool hand knitted crown hat. It will be made in a variety of colours for girls and boys.

 This is a multi purpose Union Jack clutch bag. It's made of 100% cotton craft fabric and ribbons. The inside is lined and the seams bound. The bags will be made in a variety of colour ways and variations.

 These cushions are awesome! They are made from 100% cotton fabric, with a zip closure for easy laundering. The back is a plain matching blue/beige colour.

This is just one of the apron ideas Vivienne has developed for the British theme. It is made from 100% cotton and binding, and has a pocket for all those important things like hankies, safety pins and clothes pegs, and the strap at the top is adjustable for people of different heights.

Thanks so much for considering our application for the Great British Encraftment Market. We are super keen to be part of the craft market family!

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