Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Lovely Cushions

There's something irresistible about a table of remnants. They always sparkle with potential, and that potential always seems the greater for the cut price ticket. The urge to accumulate is enchanting. All crafters know the danger of the bulging stash. I am sure my family wonder at times if the house would seem bigger if Mummy had small hobbies. Maybe stamp collecting, that wouldn't take up much space, but stamps don't have such texture, and you  certainly can't join them together to create a natty little bag. Wool - well there's another story. It always seems like I get the fabric glut under control, and the wool starts to spill out of the wardrobe.

Anyway, I was casually perusing the selection at Fabric House, a really nice soft furnishing fabric store. They used to be in Madras street, but got quaked out and are now temporarily located in Wrights Road, Addington.
"Just a quick look around darling; I don't need anything" When up should pop a lovely 100% cotton English floral stripe fabric remnant. Hmm, 2 metres, what can I do with you. It was so pretty. It was a bargain. It positively screamed lovely, comfy cushions.

The fabric was 136cm wide, so I cut it into 46cm strips, and again into 46cm squares. This maximised the size and number if cushions, so I could neatly get six from my 2m remnant.

I purchased 30cm beige coloured zips and sewed 8 cm of 1.5cm seam on each end of the bottom of the cushion. Overlock the bottom edge of the fabric before you start. Pressing the seam open makes it easier to make a neat job of sewing the zip in.
Pin the zip in behind the fabric, taking care to place the zip in the centre of the seam.  Now use a zipper foot to sew around the zip. Its a good idea to move the zipper head out of the way of the needle. That way you wont get an uneven bulge of sewing at one end.
All stitched.                                                          
That's the hard part done. Now stitch around the remaining seams of the cushion. Don't forget to undo the zip before you sew, or it can be quite difficult to get the zip undone to turn the cushion in the right way. Now overlock the raw edges and your done. I tied the ends of the overlocking off, as I did not want them coming undone later.
 Now iron the cushion cover and your done. I purchased cushion inners from The Warehouse. They were only $8.99 each.
Where shall I put these... they match the couch really well; the curtains, not so much... but I do know a good place to find some more fabric... 

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