Monday, 15 October 2012

Little Miss Fashion Designer

I have often said that fashion is a genetic predisposition in our family. Usually followed by some explanations as to its role in a newly acquired fashion item. Tailoring was my mothers profession before she married my father and became a farmer's wife; now she makes aprons in her spare time; my sister is a fashion designer and I teach Textile Technology. And so I suppose it could be regarded as unsurprising that my daughter - Little Miss 3 - has started to show an interest in the cloth. Unfortunately her first attempts at fashion designing happened to feature a designer top and a sharp pair of scissors. She had pulled one arm out and was wearing it off the shoulder style:
"It's too long Mummy" as she chops away at the offending sleeve.
I screeched so loud it gave the poor thing a fright. Oh well.
"She has been doing awfully well with her cutting out lately"

The top is reasonably new with plenty of room for growth. If it had been a Preschool top I would have overlocked around the sleeve and called it a day.

This never happens to the cheap ones.

I can fix this....

I started by unpicking the little cuffs. I took them to my hair appointment and picked away while my colour developed.

I trimmed off the chopped section and cut both sleeves to the same length.

Then I pinned the cuffs back onto the sleeves and overlocked them back on.

Luckily we happened to be at Nana's house so I used her commercial overlocker.

All fixed.

Now it's time to deal with the little holes.

I used a bit of the left over sleeve to put in behind the holes. A few randomly placed lines of stitching and its almost there.

A strategically placed plastic flowers from the front of the top sewed over the mend and its not so obvious now. One little top saved and ready to wear another day. We just have to stay away from the stains now.


  1. You have to keep the top for when she has her own label!

    1. I actually kept the bits of sleeve that were cut off. It seemed a crime to throw them out!