Sunday 3 May 2015

Dressed like a Princess at iD Fashion Show

We've all had a busy few weeks. The return to the school term always takes a little adjustment, and I've been head down working on a few craft projects. The principle of which is the dress our little blossom wore to iD Dunedin Fashion show last weekend. We had a great time with plenty of attractions to see on a long weekend in Dunedin. This is the first time we've taken our daughter to the show, and happy to say she had a great time and was super well behaved too. (We didn't want to spoil anyone else's night out with our restless child!) It was great to see my sister's collection come down the catwalk. 

Our little blossom fell in love with this pattern one day I was trying to keep her amused by looking at children's patterns while I perused the fabrics. Too much watching Sofia The First I think.

She chose the fabric from The Fabric Store in Christchurch. Love that place. I made view B, but left the chiffon over-layer off the main skirt of the dress. The lining has a layer of gathered net sewn in to give it extra princess 'poofyness'. There were meters of fabric and rather a lot of gathering. I finished the edge of the over-skirt using a bound edge on the over locker - it made it super easy. 

She wore her vintage fur as the Dunedin Railway station can be quite a chilly venue. Amazingly she stayed awake for almost the entire show, had a small nap, then perked up enough to do a lap of the catwalk after the show. A group of ladies cheered her on so she was stoked about it! She was determined to see Auntie Charmaine walk the catwalk with the other designers at the end of the show. 


  1. How very cool. Love the outfit - I would have cheered. Congrats to your sister too.

  2. Thank you! We had a great weekend in Dunedin.