Monday 30 December 2013

Our TranzAlpine Train Trip

We've had a great day on the TranzAlpine train to Greymouth. We took the return trip with an hour to spend in Greymouth before heading back to Christchurch. Little Miss 4 loved spending time with Uncle John. She loved going out onto the viewing car, and spending nine hours taking advantage of the being so close to the cafe.

 The weather was lovely on the eastern side of our lovely island. 

 This is one of the vistas of the Waimakariri River as seen from the viewing car. 

  These were taken just on the eastern side of the Otira rail tunnel.

The weather wasn't quite so kind on the west coast side of the main divide. Having left behind the first bit of sun we had seen in days, the rain was torrential once we passed through the Otira tunnel.

The Otira cottages. They were originally built for the railway workers and their family's. It must have been a cold, hard life.  

The edge of Lake Brunner. Wet but beautiful all the same. It was so wet when we got to Greymouth that we didn't get much further than the Speight's Ale House for lunch.

On our way back again. Another view of the Waimak river. Hope all your Holiday activities are going well!


  1. Wonderful country and am proud to be a Kiwi.. We must, however, learn to appreciate it more - much of it was exploited in the past with unsustainable logging etc & plans are afoot now to commence oil & mineral exploration. These types of operation can be hugely damaging!

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