Monday 2 September 2013

Finishing the Farm Yard Cardigan

As a result of my computer misadventures I had a lot more time on my hands in the evening. This not unexpected side affect of computer withdrawal had been a rather lovely distraction. Knitting is such a great pass time, and any knitter will tell you, unlike writing deadlines, it is best not spent under time pressure for completion. This cardigan certainly did not suffer from that, as it has been about 20 years in the completion. 
I went through a stage in my early 20s of knitting all kinds of complex patterns and landscapes. Sadly the completed ones were worn and subsequently fell by the way side. This one survived because it was never completed. Stashed in an old and thankfully moth free wardrobe at my parents house, I had forgotten all about it until mother unearthed it a few months ago. 
With other projects on the go, it went back into storage until the other week, when looking at my little darling's current woefully short cardy sleeves, I thought I had better get cracking. I'd actually knitted the back, one side and most of the other side 20 years previous! I don't know why I abandoned it when I did, but better late than never, it is now complete. 
The pattern is by Burda; a dog eared photocopy from an old magazine. I'm sure I started it as a good way to use up oddments of wool on a small project. Unfortunately not quite enough oddments, as I ended up stalking around nearly every wool shop in town to try to match colours. Thankfully this degree of patterning is very forgiving when it comes to subtle differences in shade.
The wool is of course 20 years old too. Pre-machine wash processing, I can see it trying to mat together with just a little steam and heat from the iron!

Little Miss 4 just loves her new Farm Yard Cardigan. She couldn't wait to wear it to Pre-school. Cast on long before she was even thought of or imagined, its finally found its way down the years to a happy little girl.


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  2. Do you have a knitting pattern for this or know of anywhere that has a knitting pattern similar to this

  3. Hi. This pattern was originally from a Burda book. I knitted it from a very old photo copy. Send me an email and I will have a search around to see if I can find it.

  4. I have emailed you it may have gone in your junk box