Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cute Pleated Duck Skirt

With all this time for cooking, things have been a little quiet on the craft blog front in the last month or so. Christmas breaks being such a great time to have a tidy out, I've been attending to a few unfinished projects - both knitted and sewn. 
This cute little duck skirt is the first to get an airing, I started it so long ago I can't find the pattern I based it on. It was vintage, I can remember that much. I took it to school to show the girls how to sew the pleats and the invisible zip in. They named it 'the pukeko skirt', but I still think they look like ducks with their little short legs.
It's made in six panels with the pleats added later to get the correct fit. I put the invisible zip on the side to avoid having the split the centre back panel in half. The original pattern did not have a lining, so I cut one using the shape of pleated front and back panels and sewed it to the outside layer before attaching the waistband.
 I have teamed it with a label-less op shopped top and suede Django and Juliette sling backs. 
All I need now is some more summer weather.


  1. Love the skirt!!
    I got a google account just to comment on it!

  2. Thank you! I actually wore it today. Have had lots of compliments about it.