Sunday 18 November 2012

Christmas Bunting

The weather is warming, the holidays are tantalisingly close, the shops are full of chocolate and Christmas is definitely on the way. In an effort to depart from the usual array of plastic based bauble decorations, I decided to make some Christmas themed bunting. It is really easy to make and can be used year after year to decorate all sorts of places.

It only takes a few minutes to draw out a pattern to whatever size you require.

I made mine 18cm across the top and 21cm down each side of the triangle. 

A few scraps of Christmas fabric are all that's required. You can make your bunting as long as you wish using as many flags as required. I used nine flags for this one.

 This bunting is made from cotton fabric with a gold thread backing. 

I also cut out some other nylon and polyester mix fabrics to try out.
Gasp! I hear you say. Synthetic fabrics? Has she gone mad?
There is method in this particular madness... I wanted to be able to hang the bunting outside over the Christmas period without it deteriorating in the weather.

Having cut out all the flags, simply place the right sides of the fabric together and sew down each side leaving the top open.

Trim the tip of the flag as shown. This enables the flag to be turned in the right way and retain a nice sharp end.

 Use a pin to pick out the flag tip. Just be careful not to pull out any individual threads or push through the stitching.

 Once you have sewed all your flags, lay them out in the desired pattern. If your only making one string of bunting, it is a good idea to have decided on your pattern before starting the project. Because I was making a few strings at one time, I left the pattern arranging until all the flags were stitched. 

Now pin the flags to the ribbon. You will need 3 metres of 2.5cm width ribbon.

I left 35cm at each end for tying. Pin in the flag; then leave 8 cm in between the flags.

I have also used bias binding; it worked really well, but is not always available in a very large range of colours.

Fold the ribbon in half and sandwich the flag in between. Pin all the flags in place. Sew from the end of the tie, right through to the other end. Fold the raw edges of the ribbon in before you sew, so they don't end up fraying.

And it's made in no time at all! Not only is this bunting a lovely decoration for your home, it also makes a lovely home-made gift. It doesn't have to be a Christmas theme, and looks equally lovely in children's bedrooms and for party celebrations.

I am already thinking about what fabrics I could use for Little Miss' next birthday party.

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