Friday, 13 November 2015

Assembling a Terrarium

These cute little terrariums are quite the trendy thing to make at the moment. In fact they are very easy to make using these super cute, cheap and cheerful components. The little plants only cost a few dollars from Harewood Raeward Fresh and the cute glass containers came from The Warehouse.  Next time I'll planning on thrifting some interesting container. 

In addition to the plants and glass vases, all that is required is a handful of coloured stones and a few tablespoons of potting mix - preferably one with good moisture retention qualities. 

Start by deciding on your plant combination for each vase arrangement. Try to pair up different textures, heights and leaf shapes. 

Put a good handful of coloured stone gravel into the bottom of the vase. 
Take the plants from their original pots and loosen off the roots. Depending on the depth of the vase, you may need to shake off the bottom third of the potting mix. Place the first plant into the vase trying not to disturb the stones. Repeat the process with the second plant.

Using a spoon, spread extra potting mix around the outside of the plants to even out any gaps or spaces. 
Give the plants a light water and wipe any stray potting mix off the inside of the glass. 

As the vase's rely on the stones for drainage, its really important not to over-water them; something I needed to remind our Little Blossom of when she got up early the following day and got carried away with the jug. Luckily I was able to use a slotted spoon to hold the plants in place while I drained out the excess!

I'm thinking these will make great little end-of-year Xmas gifts for our Little Blossoms various teachers. Happy planting!

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