Sunday 30 March 2014

Easter Egg Hunting - Thanks Whittakers!

 We spent a great Saturday morning chasing around after the Whittaker's Big Egg Hunt. We had an early appointment, so instead of going home before swimming, we got our hunt on! I downloaded the app and we were off. The app's map is hard to follow, so its a good idea to get the one from the web site. We found this one at The Pallet Pavilion: Wongi Wilson's Hua Manu.

Our next stop was the central city, and after a quick stop to feed the ducks and eels, we found this one in City Mall: Ben Pearce's Shards.

 We really liked this one in the Re:start Mall: Daniella Hulme's Hybrid.

Little Miss loved her egg hunting expedition. Though it took us a little while to convince her that she didn't get to eat any chocolate yet. 

Another find at Re:start Mall: Megan Geliza's Sliver.

This is one of my favourites.Boy 
Sam Mather's Big Birds.

We all loved this one! Having come in from Cashel street, it took us ages to locate Beck Wheeler's Ester Lavista in the Lichfield street window of Ballantynes. This egg is so detailed and complex. The rabbit is actually made of fabric.

Next stop Cathedral Square, there are four eggs to find here. This is the one, Healing Hands, made by Hannah Jensen and the children at Starship Hospital.

 Christian Nicholson's Diary of a young boy.
A very clever concept, also in Cathedral Square: Ben Foster's Egg Horse. 

Fane Flaw's GOO GOO G'JOOB, also found in the square.

Our next stop on the egg tour was the Museum. I haven't been there in a very long time. What a great place. Little Miss was as happy looking at the exhibits as she was egg hunting; with the dinosaurs being her favourites. This is Robin Neate's Untitled. 
We also found Roger Boyce's Terra Incognita in the Geology section.  

We had a great morning egg hunting. It was time to get to swimming, so we will be back next weekend to finish our egg hunt. We still have the Gardens, Cardboard Cathedral and Latimer and Cranmer Square to go. 

Thank you Whittakers and the company sponsors for a great Easter initiative. I'm sure it will make plenty of cash for Starship Hospital.

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