Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Crochet Cotton Dish Cloth

It seems like the whole world has recently taken up crocheting; and I can see why: its simple, fast, logical in design, you only really deal with one stitch at a time, and it rewards beginners with a myriad of cute designs.
My Nana first taught me to crochet when I was a child. Don't ask me how old I was, as I really can't remember. I do remember making a huge chain that stretched across the living room. Crochet dish and face clothes are currently the thing to make. Mostly because they are easy to design and customise, and quick to make in whatever pattern you choose. I used a cheerful mixture of Patons Cotton 8ply colours and a V-stitch pattern for this bright and cute gift idea.

Crochet Dish or Face Cloth

Using a 4mm crochet hook and 8ply cotton yarn work 22 chain (ch) stitches plus 3 for the length of the first treble crochet.
1st row: work 1 treble crochet (tr) into the 4th chain [miss a chain stitch, and work 1 tr, 1 ch, 1tr into the next ch] repeat the bracketed sequence until the end of the row, work 1 tr into final ch st.

2nd row: work 3 ch [1 tr, 1 ch, 1 tr through the next chain space - the centre of the V - on the first row] repeat the bracketed instruction though to the end of the row, work 1 tr into the last space.

Work the thread around the entire chain, not through it - as shown in the picture.

Following rows: repeat the previous row until a square is formed - I worked 14 rows in total. 

Join on a contrasting colour, and work 2 double crochet (dc) into the corner of the cloth, work 21 dc along the first side, repeat this sequence along each side until 2 rows of dc have been worked. Break the thread and pass it through the loop to finish the work. Use a darning needle to weave in the loose threads.

Give it a quick steam press and your all done in less than an afternoon's work.     

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