Thursday, 1 August 2013

Vintage Love - The Encraftment market is back!

The next Encraftment market is scheduled for the 7th of September. The Vintage theme is just made for us. We love vintage, and vintage loves us. Mum is always searching out vintage fabrics and apron patterns to make and I just love hand knitting, wool crafts and cute little vintage accessories. Call me old fashioned, but there is nothing better than a lovely hand-knit or piece of weaving. It speaks of love, a investment in time and attention to detail; all the good things in life when the only take out was fish and chips and big-box retail and imported tat hadn't been invented...

This is just a little selection of vintage love; made by Mum and I especially for you.

This is a 100% cotton and lace apron with back ties and side pockets.

A cuddly 100% New Zealand wool hand woven blanket worked in a traditional check. The ends will be bound with a floral fabric.

More apron love. This time it's paisley trimmed with bias binding. The bib goes over your head with the ties going through the body of the apron.

Pretty butterflies in 100% cotton with a handy front pocket.

Both tea cosies are made of 100% New Zealand wool. The cream one has crochet flowers. This one has crocheted openings and is drawn up at the top with a chain.

Snuggle with a 100% New Zealand wool crocheted blanket. This is the girly version.

More vintage aprons. This one's got a cute cross-over and lace trim.

Thinking vintage toys, back before plastic was invented and the only toys you owned were the ones your family made.

As well as all this great vintage inspired stuff, we will have all our usual crafty goodness on sale.

Thanks to all our friends who came to the Great British Market. We loved seeing you there. 
Thanks Encraftment team for considering our application. We would love to contribute to another great market. 

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