Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Knitted up a Storm

I know it's a strange time of year, in the southern hemisphere that is, to be knitting up a storm, but I am on a mission to complete my  stash of long time unfinished projects. Every crafter has unfinished items lurking in the cupboard. Things started with great enthusiasm then shelved because something more pressing comes along.

This was my Christmas Holiday project; I took it away with us and knitted on the days when the weather wasn't so memorable. Now I have finally got around to sewing it together and crocheting the edges.

I think I got this pattern from a Tender Centre in a box with a whole collection of others. More patterns than I could probably ever knit in a lifetime.

The wool came from my stash as well. I'm not even sure you can still buy this one, or if it's still made in New Zealand. I have it in the cupboard for more than 10 years.
It knits up on 7mm needles. They were quite clunky to work with until I got used to them. It is super quick to knit up and finished in no time.

I used a double crochet stitch on a 4mm needle around the collar and cuffs. Rather than automatically opting for the black, I decided on a bright, cheerful pink. Instead of working the button hole into the cardy, I crocheted a loop on the edge.

Couldn't be bothered making a special trip to the fabric store to find one button, so I turned over my haberdashery stash and found a cool 70s style button.

The mohair fibre is so light and fluffy, and extremely warm on a chilly evening. I have a good few balls left over; Little Miss Three thinks its lovely and now wants a fluffy cardy of her own.

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