Thursday, 20 September 2012

Green Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon

At the risk of sounding a monotonous drone of familiarity: here we are again, its getting late, tired child, late working partner and me. Not so much parental guilt today, as managed to pick little Miss 3 up from Preschool at a more acceptable 4pm, rather than a meltdown inducing 5. Whats for tea Mummy? That's a good question my little blossom. Something in a hurry.

Little Miss 3 just loves peas. This might sound a little abnormal for a three year old but she will happily eat them at any stage of the day. This fact led to a late afternoon brainwave - Green Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon.

To make this cheerful Pea Soup:

Finely chop an onion and gently fry it in a little oil.
Don't let it brown.

Add the peas. I used frozen, but fresh would work just as well.

Its way too late in the day to measure anything. I threw in about half of a 1kg bag. About 3 cups at a guess.

The exact quantity really doesn't matter.

Yes, that is a three year old helper's hand.

Cook the peas with the onions until they start to heat through.

While that is heating, begin to fry a few rashers of bacon.

Once the peas are starting to cook, add enough boiling water or stock to generously cover them.

Bring to the boil, then simmer for about 10 minutes.

Take off the heat and attack with the stick blender, but not too much as its much nicer as a hearty rustic soup.

You could use a kitchen whizz (if you like washing up all those components after) or a potato masher and a lot of elbow grease.

Check the seasoning.
Be careful if your using stock that contains salt as it may mean no extra needs to be added.

If you can be bothered running out to the garden, a sprig of mint would be a welcome addition. At our house it was cold, and I was in a hurry. Enough said.

Soup and bacon all ready to go.

Little Miss 3 had already made off with some of the crispy bacon.

A few bits of toast and butter and we have a hearty dinner made with little time and effort.


Perfect timing as the man of the house arrived home just in time for tea.

 Clearly a successful tea time offering.

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