Wednesday 29 May 2013

By Request - Delicious Chocolate Cranberry Truffle Recipe

 Recently a pair of my students completed a hospitality assessment by planning, preparing and serving morning tea to the school staff. They did a cracking job, and everyone was overjoyed with the lovely spread.
One of the things they made were these delicious Chocolate Cranberry Truffles. Lots of people have requested the recipe, so I whipped some up this afternoon so I share the love with this very, very tasty treat.

Chocolate Cranberry Truffles 

Makes about 40 medium sized truffles

150g icing sugar
4 tablespoons cocoa
175g butter - melted
125g dark chocolate - melted - I used Whittaker's 72% cocoa solids
1 x 250g packet of wine biscuits - any plain sweet biscuit will do
approx. 1/2 cup chopped cranberries

an extra 375g sweet dark chocolate and 2 tablespoons oil for dipping the truffles

Crush the biscuits using a food processor. Combine the biscuit crumbs, shifted icing sugar, cranberries and cocoa in a large bowl.

Combine the melted butter and first measure of chocolate. Stir the two mixtures together.

Roll in to small balls and place on a plate or baking paper and into the fridge to firm up.

Melt the second measure of chocolate with the oil. I used Whitaker's 72% cocoa solids chocolate for the truffle centres and 50% cocoa solids for dipping as it has a higher sugar content and a less bitter cocoa flavour.

Use a large fork to dip the truffles and place them back onto baking paper to set. Don't put them into the fridge or the chocolate will bloom and appear cloudy.

Now sit back with your coffee and enjoy.

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